North of Cleggan,on the N59-a small and bumpy road like so many in Ireland-we were able to come upon another gem-Crocnaraw Country House. Lucy Fretwell,with a charming rustic and romantic style has furnished her 8 bedrooms.Prizewinning Gardens surround Crocnaraw and it is possible to have meals with homegrown vegetables if you order a day ahead.. Beakfast is a meal in itself.The table is full of cornflakes,several kinds of muesli,stewed rhubarb,prunes,grapefruit milk and applejuice as well as irish soda bread. After this course comes the question"What would you like for breakfast?" which can be a little confusing.Then one is presented with "the fries" which may comprise of scrambled eggs and smoked salmon.eggs and bacon,hard- or soft-boiled eggs,kippers or whatever you would like to order the previous day. Crocnaraw is typical of the old Country estates which operate now as B&b's.One may sleep in remarkable surroundings,drink tea in the drawing room in front of a roaring fire and breakfast in the spacious dining room amongst the heirlooms and all at a reasonable price.