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Alastair Sawday

This place had an otherworldliness before I learned that Crocnaraw meant "hill of the fairy fort".Perhaps it was the bizarre lampshades, a throwback to when Lucy's mother started B&B in the 1960s.Perhaps it was the bamboo wardrobe and sky-blue bathroom.Maybe it was the beautiful garden that hides this Georgian fishing lodge from view.Or maybe it was the untroubled , almost ethereal quality about Lucy that completely dismantled my plans for the day.I sat talking with her and a well-spoken gentlemanin the timeworn Aga country kitchen for what seemed like ages.This is a house that can't be hurried.The rooms are eclectic period pieces fossilised somewhere between the '60s and the '80s and are a lot of fun.The drawing room is lovely and airy, ideal to kick back on a summer's day, while the warm snug with its turf fire would be just the place for a good book and a whiskey in winter.The wooden-floored dining room feels part tea-shop, part conservatory with lovely views of the garden planted by her mother from scratch.Lucy looks after it today, decorating the house with fresh flowers.She also looks after 4 special donkeys that live in a field next door.Here the magic of Ireland is alive and well

Taken from Alastair Sawday   "Special Places to Stay in Ireland"

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